The Whole food is greater than the sum of its products

Natural Cook Studio of Bend

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Welcome to The Natural Cook Studio of Bend, LLC

The Natural Cook Studio of Bend is a complete course for the home cook specializing in whole foods cuisine. In place of recipe format teaching, this school uses a unique language that teaches the functions of foods, called “The Language of Cooking”.  Learning this language will enables the student to immediately begin creating whole food meals on any budget for any health concern.  It is appropriate for all cooking levels from beginner to experienced cook. This unique system eliminates boredom and expands creativity while implanting a strong base knowledge of cooking whole foods.

Whole Food:

Whole food is food that is eaten as close as possible to its natural state. It works with the understanding that the more food is refined, processed, modified, or boosted with chemicals the more it inherent goodness is lost. We simply avoid any food that has been processed to an extent that it is more the product of industry than nature. Many store products, some 17,000 new ones every year, have crossed over from being food to food like products.

The Language of cooking:

In the Language of cooking, the making of a dish is compared to the making of a sentence. When your primary school teacher taught you how to write a sentence she introduced you to words in categories, and taught you the function of each so you would be able to choose the word that best fit your writing goals.  This is very much the same thing a cook goes through when making a dish.  As with a sentence, a dish needs a primary element (a noun), a cooking method, (a verb) , and a period (salt or salt seasonings) to know your thought is complete. You may also want to embellish your dish with modifiers (adjectives, and adverbs) to give it some interest.  In the making of a dish we use secondary elements such as herbs and spices, cooking liquids and fats and oils. This course will teach you the functions of each of these elements so you will be able to create without a recipe to fit your cooking goals. The key is thinking about food in categories and knowing the function of that category in each cooking method.